8 ways to save on books

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As you know, reading develops intelligence and an analytical way of thinking. While reading, we follow numerous storylines, build hypotheses, and predict plot development options. Thus, we accustom our brain to solving complex logical problems. In addition, reading, especially fiction literature, teaches us to empathize. That is why it is so important to spare some time to read. Unfortunately, today reading is becoming an expensive pleasure. For those who like to read, the money spent on buying books is a tangible expense, because the salaries of federal employees are determined according to federal pay scale as you can see here: https://federalresumeguide.com/federal-pay-scale-for-2019/

How to save money without harming your favorite hobby? It often happens while visiting a bookstore, your eyes run up from abundance, bright covers, new authors and prices. There are books for any age, taste and, of course, financial wealth. But how to buy the best at an affordable price? Regarding the writing of a resume for the military, there is a linkedin premium for veterans, but is there a similar option for the book lover? This question worries not only mothers staying on maternity leave, but all fans of literature in its alive, paper format.

Specially for all reading enthusiasts, we have prepared tips with which you can save on books, while remaining a devoted book lover.

1. Bookcrossing

The essence of bookcrossing is simple – a person, after reading a book, leaves it in a public place so that someone else can read it. Thus, you save on buying books and take care of nature. This movement began with the subway and eventually came to parks and cafes. There are sites where you can find like-minded people and agree on the exchange of books, you can easily find them on the Internet. Of the minuses, it is worth noting that it is rather difficult to “catch” the book you are interested in.

2. Secondhand bookshop and book markets

Such places are becoming increasingly popular, because you can find on them not only rare ancient publications of great value, but also a lot of good books that are sold at ridiculous prices.

3. Buy books for two

If you, for example, have similar tastes with a girlfriend or someone from relatives, then an excellent option for saving would be buying a book for two, so you will pay only half the cost for it. Keep in mind – in this case you need to be ready to compromise in terms of the order of reading and choosing the book itself.

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4. Read e-books

According to experts, printed publications cost about one and a half to two times more expensive than electronic ones, because in the latter case the cost of production and sales are not included. Thus, if you read even 5-6 books a year, the savings are obvious. Selecting and purchasing an e-book is much simpler and more convenient than a paper analogue: today there are a large number of recommendation services that help you choose what to read. For example, the Readrate service preinstalled on PocketBook readers gives you the opportunity not only to choose a book to your taste and study reviews about it, but also to share your favorite quotes on social networks. In addition, a printed book may not be available at the store.

5. Register in the library

Moreover, many of libraries keep up to date and widely use modern technologies. Most libraries are equipped with computers that have internet access. If you could not find the right book in print, digital libraries with a huge selection of works are at your service. It is worth remembering that taking a book in the library, it must be returned on time, otherwise instead of saving you will have to pay extra money for late payment.

6. Compare editions

Bookstores provide a wide range of products. In addition, you can find different editions of the same book at different prices. The difference will only be in paper quality and design. If these points are not important for you, feel free to buy the simplest and cheapest option and enjoy reading.

7. Track promotions and discounts in bookstores

Most bookstores can find shelves with discounted books. On such shelves, the initial cost of the book can be reduced by two, or even three times. Surely, you can pick up something suitable for them, and if you’re lucky, find a book that you have long dreamed of reading.

8. Buy an electronic reader

This option is suitable for those who read more than 4 books a year. In this case, the purchase will be really profitable. An electronic reader will store more than 2,000 books. In addition, some manufacturers already include a specific set of fiction in their device memory. For example, all PocketBook readers contain more than 500 books in different languages, and also support most text and image formats. By purchasing an electronic reader, you get not just a lightweight and compact reading device, but also take care of your eyesight. Thanks to the E-ink technology (electronic ink), the device’s screen uses only reflected light and is identical to the paper page, therefore, unlike a smartphone, it will not harm your eyes. Another advantage is convenient features and personal settings that will make the reading process as comfortable and useful as possible.